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  • Natural & intimate bottle feeding
  • Comforts and calms

Research studies have highlighted the importance of smell to babies when they feed. The scent of the motherís breast provides comfort and calms babies when they bottle-feed, creating a more natural and intimate feeding experience whilst maintaining the bond produced through breastfeeding. The motherís pheromones also encourage positive feeding behaviour from their baby, to promote an easier feeding experience.

Mamascent™ is extremely simple to use:

1. Put the pad in your bra for a few hours to infuse the pad with your scent.

2. Tear off the petals and store in the container provided until you need them.

3. When itís time to feed, attach a petal to the clip and slide onto the top of the feeding bottle.

4. Feed your baby as normal.

The Mamascent™ bottle attachment fits on standard sized teats including: Avent Classic, Dr. Browns Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle and Mam Anti-Colic bottle.

- 2 bottle attachment clips
- 20 pads - enough for 100 feeds
- Small pad petal container

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