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Love this product - so easy to use for worried first time parents!

Service and delivery were excellent. Have recommended to all first-time parent friends!
Rebekah M, 24 June
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Amazing service was recommended by a friend and will definitely recommend to someone, thank you for making this so easy.
Nat, 21 June
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Standard delivery was very quick which was lucky as I went in to labour sooner than expected.

TENS machine really helped with dealing with the contractions and I had it on right up until the end.
Dominique W, 29 May
I had ordered MamaTENS before my due date. It came quickly. I went over due date but managed to get an extension on my hire with no hassles at all. I had a long labour and had the MamaTENS machine all the way from 3am to 5pm next day. It is fantastic machine, helped me a lot in contractions from my back. Expected of TENS I had used only gas air and spent some time in water. I don't think that I could go throw this labour without TENS. I recommend it.
Eva, 13 February
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
I hired a MamaTENS my time to use during Labour,due on 12th January. I received the unit in plenty of time and, as I went over my due date, I managed to get an extension on my hire with no hassles at all. I used MamaTENS when I was having my first child also and found it very effective and helpful on both occasions. Apart from using mama tens I only needed gas and air! Thank you xxx
Eileen W, 9 February
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Great service and fab product, could not have coped in my labour without it! Hassle free return service and extension option.
Hazel F, 6 February
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Great customer service and quick delivery. Easy to use and simple to return. Well worth the money to hire.
Kate M, 30 January
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
Good product and great service. Delivered on time with simple return instructions. Quick response to emails also.
Pauline D, 30-Dec-2016
Service was excellent - delivered in plenty of time, easy to extend hire time when went overdue and return process was easy.

Good product that provided excellent relief.
Nicola, 27-Dec-2016
The MamaTENS Service
5 Stars
What a fantastic company and fantastic machine. I ordered the rental MamaTENS machine just one week before my due date and was quite worried it wouldn't arrive on time, but to my surprise a couple of days later I received it through the post. As I hit the 40+3 weeks I started getting the very early signs of labour and I got to experiment with the MamaTENS which was a pleasant surprise. I finally went into full labour mode as I hit 41 weeks. It was a long labour and had the MamaTENS machine all the way from Wednesday 1am till 5pm. Was 6cm by then and decided to have epidural at that stage. Baby was born 8h later, normal birth. Great service and easy to call them to get more time as baby wasn't born on due date, at no extra cost. Definitely recommend it to everyone - the machine and the rental service from this company. Thank you :)
Tania D, 14-Dec-2016
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